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Gaia bespoke

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Terzani design team will work with you to develop a Gaia design that fits your project including these options:

  • wire length
  • finish
  • cluster design


In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and the mother of all life. Looking to capture the mythical and natural beauty of this Earth goddess, designer Jean-François Crochet has created the Gaia pendant light. Consisting of geometric frames of metal reminiscent of the mountains Gaia created, the pendant uses led light to push light through the “cracks” formed. The resulting light creates a magical feeling, as if the lights peaking through were alive themselves. Available to custom configurations, Gaia adds a vibrancy and sacred light to any space. Design Jean-François Crochet.


  • minimalistic, yet warm
  • raw material options for an industrial look and feel
  • integrated led
  • can be shortened onsite
  • made in Italy

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