Stanley, journey beyond the stars.

Capturing the mystery, power, and wonder of the stars, this new floor lamp from Dodo Arslan conjures the natural beauty of space and mankind’s fascination with the heavens. Blades of crystalline light travel through a field of stars, creating a deep, rich, and nuanced viewing experience. Stanley’s multiple perspectives create a cosmic vision with infinite depth. An homage to the genius of Stanley Kubrick and his masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arslan’s design aims to open doors to new galaxies. Through recreating the mysteries of our universe, Stanley captures the sense of awe that continues to compel artists, scientists, and dreamers to look to the sky for answers and inspiration. Staying in accordance with the vibrancy of space, Stanley offers a series of chromatic variations which can be customized creating a unique, tonal experience. Design Dodo Arslan. Made in Italy